Brick Logo

Brick is the one of its kind surgical instrument manufacturer and dealer organization in the world. We provide state of the art surgical instruments, chairs and structures, and other armamentarium. We started operations in Pakistan under the shadow of Dental Shoppe on March 1, 2017. The bulk of our export is in the Gulf, however, we do export in different regions of the world including Australia, USA, Canada, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and China.

We ensure that the most premium quality of instruments reach the clients through our unique patented MITAS (manufacturing, inspection, testing and analysis system). An expert team manufactures the instruments or supervises the process. We provide with guarantees and warranties and easy replacement of unsatisfactory supplies.

We spend a major portion of our yearly revenue on Research and Development. With our goal to provide quality and innovation, we involve doctors, surgeons, technologists, scientists and research labs in MITAS. We work with leading suppliers and stores around the world and are open to work with interested clients.