Dental Loupes in Pakistan

dental loupes in Pakistan


Finding high quality dental loupes in Pakistan is a challenge for most dental practitioners. Most cannot find a reliable store. Dental Supplies don’t have many options for the dentists. With a growing trend towards the use of magnification in dentistry, Pakistani dentists are slowly picking up the pace of modern dentistry. With our mission to evolve dental practice in Pakistan, we sell loupes at very affordable price, and good quality.

We offer different design, magnification and quality options for our different dental magnification products. Starting from the basic 2.0x dental loupes to up to 8.0x magnification, we deliver all to your doorstep.



Magnification is most often a matter of personal preference. You have to choose the magnification level you feel most comfortable with. Lowest magnification level provides the widest field of view, i.e. the visible working area. Most dental practitioners prefer the lowest magnification level at first to get used to using magnification and then proceed to higher magnification levels later. Most dental practitioners doing general dental practice choose loupes with magnification between 2.5x and 3.5x. These are the most common magnifications in dentistry.

3.5 x Dental Loupes with LED Headlight


3.5x Dental Loupes come in both plastic and metal frame. This is our top seller product from the category of dental loupes in Pakistan.  At 3.5x you can perform procedures that are impossible to predictably do without magnification. 3.5x magnification is not just better dentistry, its different dentistry!

If you are a beginner, we highly recommend you to try these in your practice. You will experience great improvement in your work.

6.0x Dental Loupes in Pakistan

Dental Loupes in Pakistan 6x

Esthetic dentistry procedures, crown preparations and endodontics improve with higher magnification. While the field of view decreases, the higher magnification gives the dentist a better control and a better grasp over the procedure. Titanium frame gives the lightest weight, and the quality we offer is the best among the other available dental loupes in Pakistan. 6x dental loupes is recommended for expert users and those who need a finer detail in their endodontic procedures.

8.0x Dental Loupes in Pakistan

8x Dental Loupes in Pakistan

Dental Shoppe is the only dental supply that offers 8x dental loupes in Pakistan. With this amount of magnification, endodontists can take their working efficiency to next level. Recommended for expert users of magnification. The working area will be limited and the new users will need some time to get used to the narrower field of vision that comes with these. But once you are comfortable with it, it gives you the highest magnification available right now in the market. The visibility and accuracy of your work increases dramatically with the 8x Dental Loupes.

Collection of Best Dental Loupes in Pakistan



Dental Shoppe also prepares custom loupes on the dentists’ requests. Please send your queries to [email protected] or [email protected] for our support. We have a mission to change dentistry in Pakistan. We believe we are well equipped with all the best items that can evolve your practice.